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The set consists of:

  • KriBa® BASIC: Fire of flammable liquids, incipient fires
  • KriBa® WASTEBASKET FIRE: Fire of a waste container
  • KriBa® FAT FIRE: Grease fire and incorrect extinguishing with water
  • KriBa® SPRAYBOX: Spray can explosion
  • KriBa® FLAT SCREEN FIRE: Screen fire
  • KriBa® E-MOTOR FIRE: Electric motor fire
  • KriBa® GAS CYLINDER FIRE: Gas cylinder fire
  • KriBa® TIRE FIRE: Tire fire
  • KriBa® CARRIER: Pipe fire
  • KriBa® PIPE & FITTING FIRE: Low pressure line
  • KriBa® SOLID FIRE: Solid fuel fire
  • KriBa® PERSON IN FLAMES: Extinguishing a burning person
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Video KriBa® BASIC

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